Lake Geneva Adventure Race!

When you are looking for an exciting event to enter, check out the Lake Geneva Adventure Race. Based on the popular "Amazing Race" TV show, this race is a one day event that pits two-person teams against each other and includes finding clues in order to get through the individual challenges. This race will test everything about you, from your deductive reasoning and your teamwork ability to your strength and stamina. If you want to take part in an event that will test your limits, this is the race for you.

The Lake Geneva Adventure Race is held each summer in Lake Geneva, WI at the Geneva Ridge Resort. Organized as a way to raise money for charity, the Lake Geneva Adventure Race contributes to the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance and the Children's World Impact. The Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance was originally organized by four mothers who wanted to bring attention and awareness to the disease and impact of tuberous sclerosis complex(TSC) on families. The Children's World Impact was organized in order to bring attention to and assist widows and orphans with daily needs and the basics of life. The Lake Geneva Adventure Race has been a regular contributor to these organizations from its beginning.

The Adventure Race consists of a three stage event with Stage One consisting of seven different challenges you must complete for points. Stage One has a total of 130 points available. You are able to select the challenges with some being harder than others, but the object is to gain more points than other competitors along the way. The first stage consists of activities like locating parking meter plaques, bouncing a ping-pong ball onto a table filled with bagels until a ball stayed on top of one of the bagels and track and field activities like the crab walk and the long jump.

Stage Two involves things like locating cars and pairing them up with their spec sheets, getting as much as you can from a goodwill for $10 and taking it to a shelter and an event where you help feed the homeless and hungry. The second stage had a possible 110 points available with plenty of ways to earn the points while also helping people in the process. Stage Two also involved bowling, driving and cleaning out a farmers barn as well as several other activity choices to test your skills and endurance.

Stage Three is the final phase and involves things like a diving challenge where you collect change from the bottom of a swimming pool as well as playing games like Scrabble or Chess on the beach, a mile run along the beach and several more events.

The purpose of the challenges is to raise money along the way by donations and the first team to cross the finish line after completing the required number of challenges is declared the winner. But truthfully, after helping so many people and completing the events during the challenge, you will feel like a winner whether you come in first or not.

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